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Will you be my valentine?

So guys all set for celebrations? I’m pretty sure,very few people will end up reading this article today & I won’t be surprised if You are super-busy today 😉 Anyways that’s good. So I will start this post on the note of wishing all of you & your respective partners a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

By the way, do you know, why do we celebrate this day? 90% of people will plainly answer it as in the memories of St. Valentine & his martyrdom but do you know what is the actual story? How many of you know that St. Valentine was believed to be secretly married to many young lovers?


Aha,that’s interesting!!! See now I can sense some raised eyebrows… Most of the Indians will find it pretty identical to what happened in Mahabharata, when Lord Krishna married 16000 DASIs because of the edict. So in both the cases marriage was taken principally as an institution & a selfless act. And to me, that is the real message of the Valentine’s day.

Anyways that was the core concept which is the history now but lets see what is happening today. Read the script below :

There was this young guy who walked into a gift shop (Guy was single so there is no question of buying a gift :-)) but he just thought let see what all gifts are available so that he could prepare himself to gift something someday to his wife… As soon as he entered, an attendant greeted him politely with pretty clear intentions :-p, So here is what happened –

Shopkeeper – Good Evening Sir! How may I help you?
Guy – Show me some gifts so that I can choose something unique.
Shopkeeper – Sure Sir! Valentine gift, right?
Guy – (*remained silent*)
Shopkeeper – So how is your girlfriend?
Guy – She is fine! (WTF! what kind of question was that? Guy was bit furious, regretted for answering this)
Shopkeeper – *Grin!* No sir, I mean what type of person she is? Does she like gadgets, perfumes or anything specific?
    (Now, this is called as embarrassment.)
Guy – (*Embarrassed*) Show me whatever you have! I will choose myself.

I know guys, you would be more interested to know what happened later but that is out of context for this article so I won’t include it here. So, the point to note here is that, people are now more materialistic than the actual feeling behind celebrating this day. Tell me, how many of you actually take a day off to spend some quality time with your spouse? In some countries, it is an official holiday. I’m not against gifting your spouse/loved ones but more emphasis should be on spending good time with him/ her. So to conclude it in simple words –

Girls – Take some time & make him feel special, he really cares for you although you don’t realise it most of the time. He tries his best to keep you happy so certainly he deserves a nice treatment today. And when I say nice treatment, it is purely subjective & depends on his perception 🙂 Basically make him feel happy & lucky to have you in his life.

Guys – Its fairly simple for you, Buy her an expensive gift as much as your budget allows (Sorry but no excuses here), take her out for a dinner & make her feel special & unique. I would like to emphasize the word ‘unique’. And see how it works for you. The time you spend with her is the key. Be genuinely with her & listen to her 🙂 In fact I would say, you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s day to express your feelings. Just 30 seconds, are enough, I mean a genuine hug will convey your feelings to her & believe me she will understand it.

So finally once again, wish you all a very happy valentine’s day! Have a great time…

P.S. Stop visualizing me as the guy in the shop above. All the characters in the script are fictitious & any close resemblance to the real life is just a coincidence, you know that, right? 😉

P.P.S. Scroll slightly up & read the conclusion in the last few lines again. Because I truly mean it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


One of my friend called me today in the morning :

“Hey Rahul, what are you doing in the office today? It’s Valentine’s day man…”

I was like “Yeah but do you know, to me, everyday is Valentine’s day & today for a change I thought I would give her some space, come on man she needs a break” 😉

Just imagine what would happen to a boyfriend even if he just tries to think of giving his girlfriend some space exactly on the valentine’s day 🙂 Awwww!!! Guys, don’t even think of trying this…

Anyways jokes apart, today I celebrated my independence day one more time & I hope this is my last Valentine’s day as a Single & to be more optimistically as a bachelor, too 🙂

“Come on baby, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you since so long…” Anyways, I foresee myself to find her by this year end itself 🙂 Let see how it goes…

By the way, I wish all my readers, a very Happy & Wonderful Valentines Day!!! Have a nice time with your loved ones & your partner, too! Hope you don’t fight with each other at least today! 🙂

And trust me, it’s a nice feeling to be in love!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wish You all a very Happy Valentines day!!!

This year I heard that some political parties are going to support, Oh sorry I mean going to protect couples & encourage love birds for celebrating valentines day!!! I was just wondering why do they need support & protection from anyone? I mean if someone is just roming around with his/her friend, come on its not a crime… Ok fine, I belive & even I dont feel its correct to display love & affection in public places. Probably this is what these people are talking about. But definitely its not the case always then why to bother those people who are happy with their own lives? Why to protest against those who are celebrating valentines day? Atleast if they are not disturbing or harming anyone else or not portraying anything obscene in public places . Anyways this is not what I want to talk about or else some people might beat me 😉

Anyways I’m not here to support here any of the either party so leaving behind these some controversial issues let’s get back to the Valentine’s day!!! So just few days back I was searching the logic behind celebrating about valentines day. I found that this day is celebrated after saint Valentine & people express their love to closed ones by wishing them, passing greetings & chocolates. Also all of you must be knowing that this day is not only for couples but it can be for friends as well. I personally believe in love & relationships. I respect those who are in a relation but provided only if its a genuine relationship. When I said “I respect those who are in a relation…” I do not only mean couples but friends also. And of course I admire those who are in serious committments. Its really a big thing.

Anyways, so all my readers a very very Happy Valentine’s day again!!!

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