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Is kasab really a minor???

I mean when everybody knows what he did last November, he put whole Mumbai on the toes almost for more than 5 days,he destroyed several innocent families & most importantly he, himself confessed that he has killed Mumbai’s top cops, still you are asking for more & more evidences? What even if he is minor? Look at what damage he has already done? In fact an adult can’t even dare to think about whatever crime kasab has committed. So what’s this minor claim is for?

Tell me one thing if suppose a 15-year old enters your house WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION & start annoying/disturbing/attacking you, will you ask & wait for any evidence? or you immediately shout at him?

I’m wondering why this case is taking so much of time when so many people have seen on TV footage what has happened. All those terrorists/anti-social elements who are following this Kasab’s trial case on TV must be saying “see even if you run around the roads of Mumbai & shoot innocent people for no reason, you won’t be punished immediately”

P.S. It seems now terrorist camps will encourage minors to enter this field & hire minors only. 🙄

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