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Happy Holi!!!


Wish you all a very very Happy & colourful Holi!!! Actually I don’t play holi these days but I still remember those wonderful childhood days when my dad used to bring all those colours & varios “pichkaris”. We all friends used gather so early in the morning & play till late afternoon. But now being so professional can’t help 🙁 Ha but I like to see all children playing holi. In fact yesterday, while I was returning back from office, I saw a troop of children below my apartment equipped with colours & baloons. As they all were approaching me, I could hear there voice, they were whispering amongst them “Hey isko bhi lena hai kya?” (Hey should we target him also?) Huh!!! Oh my God! I was scared, I did not want to spoil my properly pressed shirt & formals. But I did not give any reaction on my face. I kept walking calmly as if nothing is going around me. As I was just passing by, I heard another voice “Aey!!! nahi nahi isko nahi” (No no not him) I was relived. 🙂

Anyways guys so all of you & your families a very Happy & safe HOLI!!! Enjoy!!!

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