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Delhi Agra trip

17022009466Last month I went to Delhi, probably February is the best time to meet this place as the weather is not so hot not so cold. But for me the reason was different. Actually, this year we decided to celebrate my Dad’s birthday in Delhi. So with my whole family I went there. I landed early morning in Delhi. It was a nice bright morning with slightly colder than Mumbai. we visited quite a few places in Delhi, most of them are old monuments including Qutub Minar,Lotus temple & also we saw India gate, Parliment,President’s house. Though it wasn’t my first time to visit these places, I really enjoyed this time ; especially Qutub Minarvisit. Honestly telling you though I’ve been to this place earlier as well, I don’t know why but this time I had fun & captured several photos. Also I found Birla temple a very calm & nice place to visit. Actually I went to this temple for the first time.

On the very next day I went to Agra. Wow!!! Practically this was my third attempt to see Taj Mahal as last 2 attempts, I could not see Taj. But finally this time I could make it. Whole day I spent there. Apart from Taj, I managed to visit 16022009429Agra fort which is hardly at walking distance. Frankly speaking this Fort is being overlooked as most of the tourists come here to see Taj. Obviously Taj is very nice place but I feel Agra fort is a very nice old days building worth seeing.
Take my word, go visit this place you are surely going to like this and fortunately its properly maintained by Indian government.

Anyways, so in short I really had nice time in this trip with my Mom-Dad!!! 🙂

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