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Whatsapp, School & Memories… once again…

I still remember it was Tuesday late evening… After a hectic day in the office, I was just reaching my apartment parking & I was so tired that I already had made my mind to straight away go to sleep… but sometimes its good that, things don’t happen the way you plan… and the moment I entered my apartment, my phone beeped… It was a Facebook message alert…loud enough to catch my attention… and guess what…


It was my school time friend… unbelievable… its almost more than a decade… I had no contact with anybody from my school… obviously it was nice to see her message, keeping my heavy office bag aside, I instantly replied her followed by a very common formal conversation with questions usually girls ask, no wonder she did the same…

Numbers exchanged and 15 minutes later it was one of the most pleasant surprise of my life… I was on a whatsapp group..(Do I need to tell you who added me there? I tell you guys, these girls are better in doing re-unions) I couldn’t believe it for a moment…my phone started flashing names of all my school friends n messages popping faster than I could read, register n reply… yes all of them… at the same time Rohit, Abhi, Smita, Suraj… they did not even let me settle down; even before I could understand anything, they were already pulling my legs n teasing me as if I have met them a day before… believe me it is slightly difficult to express the happiness in words when you meet your school friends after long time especially a decade later…

And I honestly felt, I should write at least a line for each one of them…and  so??? here you go…

Archana– obviously she comes the first since she made this possible… thanks for taking the initiative & keeping us all together once again… & yes its ok to skip some messages n still not getting confused…

Suraj– This guy has a amazing capability to turn any situation into humour & make you laugh till you actually roll on the floor… The best part is, nothing has changed at all even after so many years… he is still the same.

Rahul M – I must have to admit…this guy has been always very supportive, encouraging & has helped a lot keeping me grounded…sometimes even with his harsh humour. I still remember the naughtiness in the front row of our famous evening coaching batch…

Sagar– Aha! An extremely talented small package… one of the best cricketer I have seen closely in my life… this applies to Suraj too… Always adding a flavour of his immense knowledge about alcohol & intermittent journalism 🙂

Rohit– I guess he used to be the first one to come in the morning for tuition but I still wonder… why he was so generous that he always used to let others go first to occupy the front row. 😉 Jokes apart…a wonderful person & genuinely interested when you are talking….

Smita– Aha!!! I really appreciate her stamina & efforts to keep this group alive 24×7… and yes one more thing I never knew she was so naughty in the school… I mean “calling a guy @ 3AM, telling him as if she is a fashion designer & asking him to come down to beach”…really? That too, when you are in school…who does that? crazy man!!! I’m sure there is a lot more to it… but they are conveniently hiding it… but take my word… I’m gonna find it out… 🙂

Gauri– I wish, Google develops some app for her so that she doesn’t have to correct her typos all over again… on average every alternate message with a typo… superb consistency… but I still do acknowledge her honest efforts to correct it every single time… 🙂

Sonali– I am still clueless why people call her santoor…I guess she is also demanding an answer for this, on the group…

Vibha– At least please stop studying now… it makes us feel absolutely useless… 🙂 On a serious note, good to learn throughout your life but leave those nights at least… 😉 But we appreciate your patience… especially replying us while studying…

Ameya– As Abhi rightly said “the brand ambassador” of fair-n-handsome (& Giraffe tonic too ;-)) but I guess now he has become a pretty quiet person with intermittent humour… “very nice cute kid…” believe me this is what my Dad used to say when he used to see Ameya during our school days.

Ajit– Although he appears very quiet in his outlook, be aware he can pull your legs even before you realise… and yes he takes really long time to pack his bags… he can even make his “would-be” wife wait for him 🙂
[Ajit- Now, I’m not going to meet you for next 2 years :-P]

Sayali– I never knew you are so health conscious… I mean who works out in the gym early morning n then back to pani puri in the evening… just kidding… 😉

Kanchan & Kamini– see here also they are sharing the same space… like most of the guys on this group, I never got a chance to interact with you in the college but its really good to see you girls out here & picking up some time out of your routine…I’m sure everyone appreciates that.

Abhi– Last but certainly not the least… who knows his creativity better than me… the famous third-last bench, strategically chosen few pages of my notebooks to draw professor’s cartoons & those flying chalks around our bench… believe me this guy is terribly humorous, crazily passionate for automobiles n huh…do I need to mention about girls…

So all in all guys I just wanted to say…”Thank you so much for making my everyday…” I know I am going to be the target on the whatsapp group for this article, in the next conversation but believe me, its 2AM right here n I still find its worth writing about you… so as I said earlier, Guys!!! this one’s for all of you…cheers!

P.S. Sorry if I’ve missed anybody here… but don’t worry if yes, then you will see them in the updated version 😉

P.P.S. And now don’t try to trace me for the next few days… I’m absconding… 😉

Stressful Life, Why?

It was an extremely cold morning & I was out for morning walk with Dad. Since I was back home on leave for 5 days, it was our usual routine to get up early, go for morning walk & have a cup of tea from the beach-side hotel. Weather was awesomely pleasant. While we were walking, I noticed a cute little kid, with long hair tied up as a pony tail walking with his Dad holding Dad’s finger. He must be around 3-4 years old, trying to walk little faster to match up with his Dad’s speed. His Dad was visibly a poor man, I guess a building construction labour. Kid was seemingly happy & laughing loudly enough that I could hear him on the other side of the road, probably because his Dad was telling him some funny story. I was wondering what that small kid was trying to tell his father 🙂


Another incident  reported by one of my friend. He was in his hometown for Diwali. As you know in India, Diwali is the season for shopping, my friend was also out for shopping.He saw a guy returning back home, riding on his bicycle. And guess what? His entire family, his son, wife & himself riding on the same bicycle. Enjoying their ride, they must have finished their Diwali shopping & returning back home.

Now from both these incidents I noticed that these people definitely do not have lavishing lifestyles but still they were visibly happy & contained with their lives. On the other hand I meet so many people around me; they actually do not have any reason to be tensed or depressed. They have a secure job, earning enough money to afford their lavishing lifestyle. I mean, don’t take me wrong, I’m not only considering monetary aspects but these people are really depressed for nothing. Think about those people who can’t even afford meals for 2 times a day but still they manage to smile. Even worse, I’ve noticed a pathetic & irritating trend of running behind money endlessly. It is so damn irritating when people keep discussing about money all the time. I’m not saying they are wrong, I understand financial stability is important factor but people are getting obsessed with it. Or may be its just my personal experience that I’m meeting up these sort of people quite frequently… Even I confess, sometimes I feel stressed but now over the period of time, I learnt certain ways to cheer up myself & get back to life.

Then I wonder, why these people so stressed all the time? Do you think perception is the problem? or negative mind-set is the root cause here???

Be there, I will call you…

Sunday, late evening, 8’o clock :

My phone was ringing… I picked up the call… That was my friend caling me….

“Hey Rahul,I’m going downstairs so be there somewhere around your cellphone, I will call you, ok?”

“Ah! But, I’m also going somewhere out so I’ll be driving that time…”

“Ok then be on handsfree na? I need some help”



Monday, afternoon, 1’o clock, more than 16 hours later :

I was sitting in the office & so far she has not called me, I mean just imagine if I would have really equipped myself with handsfree all the way since she has told me, it would have looked so stupid. I mean how can I sleep whole night with my handsfree on & get ready for the office?

So moral of the story is “When a girl calls you & ask you to follow something suddenly & unexpectedly, don’t really follow them, take them seriously only when they are crying. I mean not all the time, but most of the time, they say exactly opposite of whatever they actually have on their mind.”

May be in this case she wanted to say “Rahul, don’t wait for my call, I’ll be busy till tomorrow” 😉

I’m very sure by the time I finish writing this, she will call me & she will be all cool, completely forgotten that she had kept me waiting for more than 16 hours and guess what? Dare I mention it , I’ll be killed 🙂

Ok jokes apart, I don’t really mean to offend girls here, it’s just that; proabably that’s how God created them. Trust me, if a guy does the same to a girl, he will not be forgiven for any damn excuse, even if he says, “I just survived a car accident & was in the trauma” 🙂

P.S. See as I said above, she is on call with me right now & so far she has not at all mentioned anything about yesterday? 😉

I met my best friend’s parents.

It was one of most memorable incident. So guys let me share with you something nice happened to me. This was the first time ever I was supposed to meet one of my female friend’s parents. First of all let me tell you about my friend. She is the CLOSEST female friend of mine. She is my best friend. We have been together almost for more than 6 years. On this nice Sunday evening I went her home. When I went there her Dad has gone somewhere out & was supposed to come later. So I met her Mom first. My friend has always been describing me that her Mom scolds her a lot but after meeting her I don’t believe this. Her Mom is very very sweet & she was so happy to me that I was stunned. I have never meet aunty before but she was talking to me very nicely, she offered me juice & lot more to come. Then she asked me some typical set of questions, but at all those times she was not at all sounding rude, very calm & with smiling face. Guys I honestly tell you that I was very tensed as I was getting slightly nervous to meet her Dad. Anyways after some time he came. As soon as he entered, he gave me an angry look & shook hand with me introducing with his first name in very confident firm voice. Huhhh!! I was really scared…but a moment a later he smiled. Ahhh!!! I was relieved. I must say that her Dad has great sense of humour. Probably, he just did that to scare me. Then, he was interacting with me very nicely & there was lot of professional as well as family talk but all in all it was a healthy discussion going on. Uncle was cracking some real time, crispy jokes which was making me feel relaxed at a moment.

All in all so far everything went well. In all this meantime, aunty has given me enough of things to eat & huh!!! She was continuously asking me “Why are you not eating? Why are you so slow?” 🙂 Actually saying, I was full already but I was just following my friend’s instructions as she has told me that her Mom doesn’t like if somebody leaves anything on the plate. 🙁 And later on it was the cold treat for me with 2 flavours of ice creams & guess what??? It was prepared by auntyji herself at home. I tell you guys, nobody can say that it wasn’t from a shop. It was that delicious.

And here comes the final part of the meeting which touched me & I’m never going to forget it in my whole life, that’s for sure. As soon as I said “Ok uncle, I’ll leave now” Uncle went inside & brought 2 gift packets in his hand. I was very surprised. Seriously I was not expecting this. One gift was given by himself & other one by auntyji. I was really touched. Probably you might feel what so special in this but tell me if just a guy who is friend of their daughter, does he really deserve such a nice & wonderful treatment? One step further after this all family members came out of house to send me off. Now, tell me isn’t it touching that a simple guy like me given such a nice treatment by those 2 very nice people? If they wanted they could have just give me an ordinary treatment & honestly I was not expecting beyond that. But I’m very happy as whatever happened on this nice Sunday was much beyond my expectation.

Thank you so much Uncle-Aunty for inviting me, giving me such a nice treat & making me feel very nice about myself!!! 🙂

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