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One More Time…

He inspired me to post here once again…As you can see I could not post any articles in past 3 months due to my odd & hectic schedules but he made write once again, I really could not resist myself from appreciating his innings & his dedication. Yes I’m talking about none other than “Aamcha Sachin” (Our Sachin). He has been inspiring me since my childhood, may be right from my early teenage.

stSo far Saeed Anwar & little known Charles Coventry shared the highest ODI individual record of 194 but trust me I always wanted Sachin to owe record for the highest one-day individual score in his pocket & yes it’s like dream come true today. I feel myself lucky & proud that I witnessed this amazing inning live. I remember one of my close friend has put his punchline on Orkut, which goes something like this :

“Cricket is our religion & Sachin is our God”

I believe this is applicable to every little fan of the cricket. One more time Sachin I salute you, really hats off to you Sachin!!!

I wish God gives you all the strength to stand tall against all these stupid people who criticise you! I remember in past few years when Sachin was struggling with injuries & bad patch on the field one of the commentators has suggested that Ricky Ponting would eventually take over his records. I guess Sachin has already answered their critics with his bat & yes! I’m one of the happiest person, you did it Sachin! 🙂

Check out these some of the creative punchlines, I’ve seen around after this Sachin’s amazing performance on Feb24th.

I have seen the God, he opens batting for Indian Cricket Team
—A hoarding in the center of the city Thane, Mumbai.

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, because even lord is watching him bat!
—A banner held in Sydney by an Australian fan.

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, because the Lord himself is batting!
—An Indian fan sitting besides these Australians.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


One of my friend called me today in the morning :

“Hey Rahul, what are you doing in the office today? It’s Valentine’s day man…”

I was like “Yeah but do you know, to me, everyday is Valentine’s day & today for a change I thought I would give her some space, come on man she needs a break” 😉

Just imagine what would happen to a boyfriend even if he just tries to think of giving his girlfriend some space exactly on the valentine’s day 🙂 Awwww!!! Guys, don’t even think of trying this…

Anyways jokes apart, today I celebrated my independence day one more time & I hope this is my last Valentine’s day as a Single & to be more optimistically as a bachelor, too 🙂

“Come on baby, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you since so long…” Anyways, I foresee myself to find her by this year end itself 🙂 Let see how it goes…

By the way, I wish all my readers, a very Happy & Wonderful Valentines Day!!! Have a nice time with your loved ones & your partner, too! Hope you don’t fight with each other at least today! 🙂

And trust me, it’s a nice feeling to be in love!!!

What’s Your Rashee?

Before I start telling you something about this movie, let me tell you why did I shortlist this movie on my watchlist? Actually, no special reason but only thing I considered that its a Ashutosh Gowarikar film & definitely the theme sounds interesting. I thought movie will be a sensible & worth watching atleast once. So with these minimal expectations I went for the movie. But trust me, it was so pathetic that I could not even imagine that Mr. Gowarikar can make such a non-sense movie. Seriously no sense at all. If you are bachelor & expecting this movie might help you to see different types of girls mapped to respective rashees then, its going to be a big fiasco.


Movie is stuffed with 13 hindi songs. Ohh! Man… just imagine 13 typical bollywood songs. Let’s suppose if an average song lasts for 4 & half minutes that means you are made to listen only songs for more than 58 minutes i.e. almost one hour. No need to mention, very ordinary songs…Ahhhhhhh!!! 😡 And guys in the multiplex you don’t have option to switch to the other channel like the one on your TV. At the max what can you do? Just close your eyes…Yes I did 🙂

I’m still wondering why Mr. Gowarikar could not find 12 different girls to represent 12 different rashees? In the whole movie, you will see the same well-known face of Priyanka Chopra with different hairstyle, different make-up, different costumes. Come on man, we are here to see how the rashee has influence on a person’s behavior, not how the same girl can be made to behave differently,look differently? And personally I could not a find match between the on-screen girl & a real-life girl with the same rashee.

If somebody bets with me, I can see this movie entirely with no smile on my face with complete serious look, such a bad comedy. Harman’s Nanaji, keeps on giving him the same funda “Beta, tumhare umr me sab ladkiya ek jaise hi dikhti hai, jo tumhare sapno ki rani hoti hai (Son, at your age, all girls look the same, which actually resembles to your dream girl) ” 🙄 Come on Nanaji!!! Be practical, if all girls look the same at our age, I guess all my bachelor friends would have been married by this time, perhaps me too 😉

Harman better luck next time, I don’t think Priyanka, alone can save this movie & Someone should tell Mr. Gowarikar, please try to pick up with the fast age, its 21st century, stop making lengthy movies, 4 hours is simply nothing but a mental torture.

P.S. All the opinions are explicitly my view about this movie, with no influence of any external or third party.

P.P.S. I’m wondering why Lara Dutta has started giving bold scenes these days, is she scared that she is at the end of her career? 😉

A Boy & A Girl!

There are certain things in life which are unexpected & definitely surprising too. If you’ve checked Thoughts section on my site, you’ll find one pretty similar article which I drafted almost 3 years back.Sometimes these surprises are pleasent but sometimes, very confusing & we start searching for the reason , why it must have happened? Ya ya I know I know thinking too much is not good for your health, atleast not good for your mental health, but thinking sometimes is just so spontaneous that you have no hold at all.


I’ll tell you a story about a boy & a girl. No no dont worry I’m not going to tell you damn old typical so called lovestory, in fact its a very practical day-to-day life simple story. How things get bad unexpectedly & how confusion takes over? Ok, let’s get back to the point, a boy & a girl who used to be friends as you must have guessed by this time now 🙂 (Really, were they? sorry guys but I’m not sure whether they were friends or not? …. Anyways lets not get into that now) But, all I can say is that they used to enjoy talking to each other atleast when it comes to pulling legs of others or commenting on how funny people behave in our day to day life, both used to laugh together & talk a lot about such funny creatures. In fact, girl had a habit of laughing so loudly that sometime even guy had to remind her about their presence in public places. so in short actually it was a good healthy relationship amongst them.

One day as usual they were discussing something funny & in that trans, girl passed some comment on this guy which somehow put this guy on the toes. He felt that why was that comment passed on him but still he did not react. He was upset but he could not figure out what was the logic behind that comment. Sorry guys but I’m not aware of the comment which girl passed on 🙁 so almost for next 2-3 days guy did not talk to girl & but finally after few days guy told girl about this stuff & thing he was upset about. Girl who was not sure how to explain that it was purely unintentional comment but still she told this fellow that, she did not mean to hurt him, also guy confessed that he wasn’t hurt but slightly upset with the unexpected comment. So issue was over by that time, was that really?

No, it was not. Next day onwards, they never talked with each other, like they used to, they never laughed together & interaction between them became absolutely formal.

Now, if I start thinking about the misunderstanding which actually led to complications, I’m confused. Ok lets consider if it was the girl who made a upsetting comment on the guy then she has already explained that it was purely unintentional so guy should not have mind it as that was a part of fun but then if it was a guy who mistakenly took this comment personally then he has also confessed that he did not take it seriously but its just that made him upset with the unexpected comment. Now, the question is who’s fault was that which actually spoilt a nice healthy friendship?

Ya I know guys by this time, you are also confused. You must be thinking, What message exactly I’m trying to convey when I’m narrating this piece of story. All I want to say is that sometimes some unexpected things can spoil some nice relations. so I will say “Dont think much”, definitely thinking moderately is accepted but make sure it doesn’t complicate the problem. Take the life the way it comes & live life every moment… 🙂

Alibaug Weekend Trip

So finally we decided to go for weekend out to Alibaug. Frankly speaking Alibaug is a familiar place to me as its my native but still I preferred to go there with friends. Alibaug is something like neither a full fledged city nor a village. You will easily get all basic essentials here with even few luxurious options. And alongwith that you can visit some really nice places. I’m very sure that nature lover will like this place. Surrounded by beach from 3 sides, roads with the view of nice hill areas. Both sides of the road with greenaries especially in the monsoon.


Anyways so getting back to the topic, our weekend trip. so including me, we were 5, Himesh, Keval, Sanjay, Vinay & offcourse Me. We started from Mumbai somewhere around 8 in the morning. Though saturday morning 8 AM is too early for all of us, we all were fully charged & nobody was ready to miss a single chance to tease one another. At Karnala, we had our breakfast before heading towards Alibaug. For those who don’t know, Alibaug is approximately 90 Kms from Navi Mumbai. On the way we halted at Tinvira dam & finally somewhere around 10’o clock we reached Alibaug.

After getting refreshed,we straightaway went for lunch. But guys that was a real fiasco as restaurant was not at all good, atleast food was of average quality.so I will suggest while choosing restaurants in Aliabug be careful. You might get a nice hotel but you have to be very choosy. Then we headed towards the first beach of our mission 🙂 that’s Varsoli beach. Actually we had decided to spend little time here as we were eager to go to Kashid beach which is somewhat 35 kms from the Alibaug. So quickly after taking few snaps we started our journey to Kashid.

Without stopping anywhere we directly went to Kashid beach. To my surprise, beach was not at all clean. May be because of heavy rains or dont know for what reason. But seriously trust me, I’ve been to this beach so many times earlier as well, I always found it very clean. Not sure what went wrong this time. But I will recommend not to visit Kashid beach in the monsoon. You can try in winters. We played on the beach for sometime & obviously followed by a brief session of photoshoot. After this somewhere around 6 PM we went to Birla Temple which is hardly 3 Kms from Kashid. A Ganesh temple on the hilltop, completely built up with white marble… After spending more than 2 hours there we returned back to Alibaug,where we had dinner.


After dinner, instead of going home straight away, we went to Alibaug beach, it was already somewhere around 10:30 in the night. Guys, I’m telling you, trust me that was the one of the best part of this trip. The cool breeze, calm atmosphere & only thing you can see everywhere was the darkness & water. It was really awesome. We returned back home after spending one hour on the beach. Then, we planned to watch the movie but as expected everybody was so tired that all slept by 1:30AM. So that’s how we spent day1 at Alibaug. Next day morning Sanjay was the first one to get up, (obviously he slept first so no wonder 🙂 ) Anyways so after having morning breakfast, we played cricket till we get tired & felt like bathing again. But obvious we all were so enthusiastic that could not control. Then we headed to the Mandwa jetty, this is the place, from where, you can reach Gateway of India(Mumbai) within 30-45 minutes by ferry.

After a brief photosession on the jetty, we went to Karmarkar museum where you can see nice sculptures. I’m not sure about the history but you will like these. This was my second visit to this museum. It used to be in a big hall initially but it seems now they have kept only one hall open for visitors, not sure why.

By the time, we had lunch it was already 4’o clock so we had to pack-up & start for our journey back to Mumbai. So that was all about our weekend trip to Alibaug.

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Adieu to MJ!!!

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at 50

I know I’m pretty late on this but I really wanted to post here something about the King of Pop & that’s MJ. I felt it’s very unfortunate when I heard this on friday morning! In actual sense, I’m not someone who is following or really crazy about MJ in day-to-day life but I’m the someone who used to admire him, just enjoy his few of the bestselling tracks. To me, he was the real performer. I don’t know why even he is no more with us; people are mentioning about certain controversies he was goofed up with, although he was left out of those issues due to the lack of evidences. Recently, I heard he was going to do a comeback concert in London which was most discussed. But behind the screen the fact is MJ was actually very tensed about his fitness still he wanted to work really hard & push himself through(Atleast that’s what I’ve heard). Even it has been speculated that just to keep himself energized & fit, he was on medicines which utlimately caused the overdose of the same. so I personally felt “It was really very unfortunate….”

So may be this post is nothing but simply my way to pay to tribute to this legend called MJ.

Hats off to MJ!!! You will be always remembered especially for your smoothest moonwalk I’ve seen ever & off course my all time favorite tracks “Black or White” and “They don’t really care about us

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What’s wrong???

Since past few days I’ve been observing something strange & unexpected going on in my life. I don’t know why but usually these days I’m getting unexpected responses(Or you can say no responses at all) from people around me. I have a good habit to take some time & pass on my good wishes on any special occasion to the concerned person, so doesn’t matter how small the occasion is. I always remember those dates & make sure to wish them. The only logic behind this behavior is that, I know it always feels nice when your cellphone beeps specially on your birthday or so on… I do it with literally no expectations, as I have been doing this since long back & obviously what can I expect from a old friend whom I’ve not seen say almost more than a decade.

But since past few months I observed that I was not getting any response from the person I just wished. Everytime I assumed that very obviously he must be busy on such a special occasion but man come on tell me do you celebrate your birthday for 15 days?? Huh!!!

Ok let me tell you one incident happened recently. Few days back,one of my engineering mate messaged me on the ORKUT after long long time. He is out of the coutry say for 1 year. I happily responded him & asked me how was going… as expected there were few messages exchanged. After say 1 month, I wished him on his birthday through ORKUT only. But till this time, I have not received any response from him. Anyways I assume he might have missed my message amongst all other birthday wishes.

Ok other incident, I wished my sister on her birthday with an early morning SMS… No Response. So I called her after say 2 hours, I found nobody was answering the call. Ok so I got the answer that she forgot her cellphone 🙂 But anyways I’m very sure about her that she will not overlook me, so I’m happy 🙂

So in all these happenings I’m not disappointed but definitely I’m concerned as I’m asking myself “What’s wrong on my behalf? What’s making people around me behaving like this?” Probably, 2 possibilities :

1. They don’t feel like responding as they feel its just a formality
2. They might be considering that I’m so understanding that even if they don’t reply, I will assume that they are busy 🙂

Anwyays whatever it may be, I’ve decided to keep a close tap on my behavior to check out if I’m behaving oddly 🙂 That’s the best thing I can do… 🙂

Save Earth…

Though most of us might have came across few of these things, still I would like to share these suggesstion with you guys as I think probably this is the most precise list of steps I’ve received so far ; to save earth & save our environment for better life.

1. There is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this, always switch off monitors when you are out of your desk, may be for lunch or tea. Yes it make difference.

2. Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is a classic example of paper wastage. This sounds crazy to me at least. Come on man, its not needed at all.

3. If you have forgotten to give double-side prints, make sure you make use of the empty sides as scribbling pads or for your kids’ imposition.

4. Take two minutes from your busy schedule before hurrying back home to shut down the computer.

5. All of us are big time Googlers. Have you heard of the Blackle search engine? Blackle (Google powered) is a search engine designed all in Rich Black so that your system consumes less power. So change your homepage.

6. Plastic bags these days indeed come in bright and flamboyant colours and tempt us to take them home with us. But the saying, “Appearances are deceptive” holds true for these plastic things too. Next time, hold back or go prepared to counter temptation with a cloth bag.

7. Try to plantat least few plants around our houses, I don’t think those are really unaffordable. Roses saplings hardly cost 10-20 Rs. each.

8. Try to segregate the different kinds of waste into Bio-Degradable (Fruit or vegetable waste) , Recyclable (waste Paper, paper products) and Electronics (Floppy disks, CD-ROMS ). Once you have segregated your thrash, look for specialized trash cans to throw them away.


9. Try to minimize the use of horns.Honkingdrastically increased and this adds to the noise pollution and does not provide a conducive environment to live in.


10. Use rechargeable batteries though it’s an expensive product, it’s one-time purchase. Recharge when required. (Same applies to cell-phones, MP3s, iPods and Laptops)


11. Remember to close water taps before preening in front of the mirror. Of course you are beautiful, but Water is a precious resource!
12. Let’s not just wake up and walk out of finished meetings and conferences with a sigh of relief, let us remember to turn off the lights and projectors too.
13. Take few minutes to learn about topics like ‘Global Warming‘ , ‘Air/Noise/Land/Water Pollution ‘ etc apart from constant surfing of News, Latest Gadgets, Movies and Music.

Men and Women!!!


Guys just a quick stressbuster for you… You might have read this somewhere, but still surely going to make you smile again!!! 🙂

Some basic facts about Men and Women

First Men:

1. All men are extremely busy.
2. Although they are so busy, they still have time for women.
3. Although they have time for women, they don’t really care for them.
4. Although they don’t really care for them, they always have one around.
5. Although they always have one around them, they always try their luck with others.
6. Although they try their luck with others, they get really pissed off if the woman leaves them.
7. Although the woman leaves them they still don’t learn from their mistakes and still try their luck with others.


Now Women:

1. The most important thing for a woman is financial security.
2. Although this is so important, they still go out and buy expensive clothes and stuff.
3. Although they always buy expensive clothes, again they NEVER have something to wear.
4. Although they never have something to wear, they always dress beautifully.
5. Although they always dress beautifully, their clothes are always just “an old rag”.
6. Although their clothes are always “just an old rag”, they still expect you to compliment them.
7. Although they expect you to compliment them, when you do, they don’t believe you.

Zoozoo: The new Vodafone endorser

Zoozoo, have you heard about them? The small, funny & cutest creature. Currently, they are one of the most popular, most discussed thing in India. Yes, Zoozoo are the latest brand endorser for Vodafone. They smile, laugh, blush and in fact they portray all emotions almost like a human being & for sure they are going to make you smile with their funny activities. These commercials are being broadcasted in between current IPL matches.


I have been always impressed with vodafone commercials. Earlier that pug Cheeka & now zoozoos. Would you believe it if I tell you that these are not animated images but actual people like us with specially designed white outfits. Thin long limbs & egg shaped head bigger than normal head size makes them look funny. To keep hands & legs thin, intentionally women & children have been casted. Size of head is almost 3 times that of a normal adult’s head which makes these characters look short & funny with that big belly. 🙂 Yes men can do animations not only behind the screen or in shadows but on screen as well.

Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker has directed these creative ads. Hats off to entire team of campaign Zoozoo 🙂 They have proved that sometime ads are more entertaining than those boring programs. I love you Zoozoo!!! 😉

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