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Be there, I will call you…

Sunday, late evening, 8’o clock :

My phone was ringing… I picked up the call… That was my friend caling me….

“Hey Rahul,I’m going downstairs so be there somewhere around your cellphone, I will call you, ok?”

“Ah! But, I’m also going somewhere out so I’ll be driving that time…”

“Ok then be on handsfree na? I need some help”



Monday, afternoon, 1’o clock, more than 16 hours later :

I was sitting in the office & so far she has not called me, I mean just imagine if I would have really equipped myself with handsfree all the way since she has told me, it would have looked so stupid. I mean how can I sleep whole night with my handsfree on & get ready for the office?

So moral of the story is “When a girl calls you & ask you to follow something suddenly & unexpectedly, don’t really follow them, take them seriously only when they are crying. I mean not all the time, but most of the time, they say exactly opposite of whatever they actually have on their mind.”

May be in this case she wanted to say “Rahul, don’t wait for my call, I’ll be busy till tomorrow” 😉

I’m very sure by the time I finish writing this, she will call me & she will be all cool, completely forgotten that she had kept me waiting for more than 16 hours and guess what? Dare I mention it , I’ll be killed 🙂

Ok jokes apart, I don’t really mean to offend girls here, it’s just that; proabably that’s how God created them. Trust me, if a guy does the same to a girl, he will not be forgiven for any damn excuse, even if he says, “I just survived a car accident & was in the trauma” 🙂

P.S. See as I said above, she is on call with me right now & so far she has not at all mentioned anything about yesterday? 😉

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