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Karthik Calling Karthik

Ok before I start writing my review, let me tell you one thing, if you guys are pretty much interested in psychology & human mind, you should watch this movie. The way they have justified the theme of the movie is really appreciable & convincing. In simple words, its not just typical bollywood style. After Bhul-Bhulaiya, I think this is the second movie, which tackles around the human mind & psychology.


Ok, I know guys you are more interested in the review, rather than the suggestions so let’s get back to topic. 🙂 So by this time, even if you haven’t seen this movie, you must have guessed that this movie is based on a guy, Karthik (that’s Farhan) who is one of the least confident guy, always harrassed by his boss, staying alone as a bachelor & always left unnoticed in the office. He could never express his feelings to his collegue & hottest girl in the office that’s Shonali (Deepika.)

Everyday he drafts a mail to her with his feeling or how much does he miss her but could never do beyond just saving all those mails in his own mailbox, just imagine more than 1300 mails in his drafts. Ummm!!! Interesting….

Karthik, always keeps on blaming himself for the death of his own elder brother who actually doesn’t even exists on the earth. One day, he reaches the stage of super-frustration & decides to commit sucide, but just before he is about take his overdose of sleeping pills, his phone starts ringing, & he found his own voice on the other end which claims himself as Karthik. Wooooo!!! That’s where movie starts picking up, the person on the phone knows all the secrets of our very own Karthik, even including his ATM card’s PIN number. Obviously scared Karthik, could not believe this thing, he starts investigating where these calls getting from, but no clue found in the telephone exchange as well.

Next day again in the morning, he gets the same call, this time caller wins the Karthik’s trust & starts instructing him towards the better life & Karthik’s life changes overnight, he gets his same job again with the promotion, also his dream girl falling for him.

The calls keep coming daily early in the morning & Karthik finally becomes confident , happy for his better changed life but the unidentified Caller, warns himself not to mention about this call to anyone as nobody will believe him & everyone will consider him as the mentally unstable. But in a weak moment with overflowing emotions, Karthik makes mistake & reveals the secret to his girlfriend Shonali.

And as very much expected,she doesn’t believe this, she asks him to consult a psychiatrist, one step further she insists on not picking up the calls anymore. And here is the twist, this makes the caller furious who, in turn, destroyes Karthik’s life exactly the same way he has made it better.

Overall very nice movie with strong & convincing justification based on the human conscious & subconscious mind. Worth watching once. Honestly speaking music score is just not bad, better than average, I mean obviously from my perspective. I liked songs “Hey ya!”, “Uff! teri adaa”, others I don’t even remember 😉

P.S. By the way, I’m slightly confused with the term “Safe Guy” in this movie 🙂 Girls could you please explain us what do you actually mean by “Safe Guy”? I mean, should guys take it as a compliment or as an adjective? 😉

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