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One More Time…

He inspired me to post here once again…As you can see I could not post any articles in past 3 months due to my odd & hectic schedules but he made write once again, I really could not resist myself from appreciating his innings & his dedication. Yes I’m talking about none other than “Aamcha Sachin” (Our Sachin). He has been inspiring me since my childhood, may be right from my early teenage.

stSo far Saeed Anwar & little known Charles Coventry shared the highest ODI individual record of 194 but trust me I always wanted Sachin to owe record for the highest one-day individual score in his pocket & yes it’s like dream come true today. I feel myself lucky & proud that I witnessed this amazing inning live. I remember one of my close friend has put his punchline on Orkut, which goes something like this :

“Cricket is our religion & Sachin is our God”

I believe this is applicable to every little fan of the cricket. One more time Sachin I salute you, really hats off to you Sachin!!!

I wish God gives you all the strength to stand tall against all these stupid people who criticise you! I remember in past few years when Sachin was struggling with injuries & bad patch on the field one of the commentators has suggested that Ricky Ponting would eventually take over his records. I guess Sachin has already answered their critics with his bat & yes! I’m one of the happiest person, you did it Sachin! 🙂

Check out these some of the creative punchlines, I’ve seen around after this Sachin’s amazing performance on Feb24th.

I have seen the God, he opens batting for Indian Cricket Team
—A hoarding in the center of the city Thane, Mumbai.

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, because even lord is watching him bat!
—A banner held in Sydney by an Australian fan.

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, they will go unnoticed, because the Lord himself is batting!
—An Indian fan sitting besides these Australians.

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