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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


One of my friend called me today in the morning :

“Hey Rahul, what are you doing in the office today? It’s Valentine’s day man…”

I was like “Yeah but do you know, to me, everyday is Valentine’s day & today for a change I thought I would give her some space, come on man she needs a break” 😉

Just imagine what would happen to a boyfriend even if he just tries to think of giving his girlfriend some space exactly on the valentine’s day 🙂 Awwww!!! Guys, don’t even think of trying this…

Anyways jokes apart, today I celebrated my independence day one more time & I hope this is my last Valentine’s day as a Single & to be more optimistically as a bachelor, too 🙂

“Come on baby, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you since so long…” Anyways, I foresee myself to find her by this year end itself 🙂 Let see how it goes…

By the way, I wish all my readers, a very Happy & Wonderful Valentines Day!!! Have a nice time with your loved ones & your partner, too! Hope you don’t fight with each other at least today! 🙂

And trust me, it’s a nice feeling to be in love!!!

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