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What’s Your Rashee?

Before I start telling you something about this movie, let me tell you why did I shortlist this movie on my watchlist? Actually, no special reason but only thing I considered that its a Ashutosh Gowarikar film & definitely the theme sounds interesting. I thought movie will be a sensible & worth watching atleast once. So with these minimal expectations I went for the movie. But trust me, it was so pathetic that I could not even imagine that Mr. Gowarikar can make such a non-sense movie. Seriously no sense at all. If you are bachelor & expecting this movie might help you to see different types of girls mapped to respective rashees then, its going to be a big fiasco.


Movie is stuffed with 13 hindi songs. Ohh! Man… just imagine 13 typical bollywood songs. Let’s suppose if an average song lasts for 4 & half minutes that means you are made to listen only songs for more than 58 minutes i.e. almost one hour. No need to mention, very ordinary songs…Ahhhhhhh!!! 😡 And guys in the multiplex you don’t have option to switch to the other channel like the one on your TV. At the max what can you do? Just close your eyes…Yes I did 🙂

I’m still wondering why Mr. Gowarikar could not find 12 different girls to represent 12 different rashees? In the whole movie, you will see the same well-known face of Priyanka Chopra with different hairstyle, different make-up, different costumes. Come on man, we are here to see how the rashee has influence on a person’s behavior, not how the same girl can be made to behave differently,look differently? And personally I could not a find match between the on-screen girl & a real-life girl with the same rashee.

If somebody bets with me, I can see this movie entirely with no smile on my face with complete serious look, such a bad comedy. Harman’s Nanaji, keeps on giving him the same funda “Beta, tumhare umr me sab ladkiya ek jaise hi dikhti hai, jo tumhare sapno ki rani hoti hai (Son, at your age, all girls look the same, which actually resembles to your dream girl) ” 🙄 Come on Nanaji!!! Be practical, if all girls look the same at our age, I guess all my bachelor friends would have been married by this time, perhaps me too 😉

Harman better luck next time, I don’t think Priyanka, alone can save this movie & Someone should tell Mr. Gowarikar, please try to pick up with the fast age, its 21st century, stop making lengthy movies, 4 hours is simply nothing but a mental torture.

P.S. All the opinions are explicitly my view about this movie, with no influence of any external or third party.

P.P.S. I’m wondering why Lara Dutta has started giving bold scenes these days, is she scared that she is at the end of her career? 😉

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