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A Boy & A Girl!

There are certain things in life which are unexpected & definitely surprising too. If you’ve checked Thoughts section on my site, you’ll find one pretty similar article which I drafted almost 3 years back.Sometimes these surprises are pleasent but sometimes, very confusing & we start searching for the reason , why it must have happened? Ya ya I know I know thinking too much is not good for your health, atleast not good for your mental health, but thinking sometimes is just so spontaneous that you have no hold at all.


I’ll tell you a story about a boy & a girl. No no dont worry I’m not going to tell you damn old typical so called lovestory, in fact its a very practical day-to-day life simple story. How things get bad unexpectedly & how confusion takes over? Ok, let’s get back to the point, a boy & a girl who used to be friends as you must have guessed by this time now 🙂 (Really, were they? sorry guys but I’m not sure whether they were friends or not? …. Anyways lets not get into that now) But, all I can say is that they used to enjoy talking to each other atleast when it comes to pulling legs of others or commenting on how funny people behave in our day to day life, both used to laugh together & talk a lot about such funny creatures. In fact, girl had a habit of laughing so loudly that sometime even guy had to remind her about their presence in public places. so in short actually it was a good healthy relationship amongst them.

One day as usual they were discussing something funny & in that trans, girl passed some comment on this guy which somehow put this guy on the toes. He felt that why was that comment passed on him but still he did not react. He was upset but he could not figure out what was the logic behind that comment. Sorry guys but I’m not aware of the comment which girl passed on 🙁 so almost for next 2-3 days guy did not talk to girl & but finally after few days guy told girl about this stuff & thing he was upset about. Girl who was not sure how to explain that it was purely unintentional comment but still she told this fellow that, she did not mean to hurt him, also guy confessed that he wasn’t hurt but slightly upset with the unexpected comment. So issue was over by that time, was that really?

No, it was not. Next day onwards, they never talked with each other, like they used to, they never laughed together & interaction between them became absolutely formal.

Now, if I start thinking about the misunderstanding which actually led to complications, I’m confused. Ok lets consider if it was the girl who made a upsetting comment on the guy then she has already explained that it was purely unintentional so guy should not have mind it as that was a part of fun but then if it was a guy who mistakenly took this comment personally then he has also confessed that he did not take it seriously but its just that made him upset with the unexpected comment. Now, the question is who’s fault was that which actually spoilt a nice healthy friendship?

Ya I know guys by this time, you are also confused. You must be thinking, What message exactly I’m trying to convey when I’m narrating this piece of story. All I want to say is that sometimes some unexpected things can spoil some nice relations. so I will say “Dont think much”, definitely thinking moderately is accepted but make sure it doesn’t complicate the problem. Take the life the way it comes & live life every moment… 🙂

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