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Adieu to MJ!!!

King of Pop Michael Jackson dies at 50

I know I’m pretty late on this but I really wanted to post here something about the King of Pop & that’s MJ. I felt it’s very unfortunate when I heard this on friday morning! In actual sense, I’m not someone who is following or really crazy about MJ in day-to-day life but I’m the someone who used to admire him, just enjoy his few of the bestselling tracks. To me, he was the real performer. I don’t know why even he is no more with us; people are mentioning about certain controversies he was goofed up with, although he was left out of those issues due to the lack of evidences. Recently, I heard he was going to do a comeback concert in London which was most discussed. But behind the screen the fact is MJ was actually very tensed about his fitness still he wanted to work really hard & push himself through(Atleast that’s what I’ve heard). Even it has been speculated that just to keep himself energized & fit, he was on medicines which utlimately caused the overdose of the same. so I personally felt “It was really very unfortunate….”

So may be this post is nothing but simply my way to pay to tribute to this legend called MJ.

Hats off to MJ!!! You will be always remembered especially for your smoothest moonwalk I’ve seen ever & off course my all time favorite tracks “Black or White” and “They don’t really care about us

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