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Zoozoo: The new Vodafone endorser

Zoozoo, have you heard about them? The small, funny & cutest creature. Currently, they are one of the most popular, most discussed thing in India. Yes, Zoozoo are the latest brand endorser for Vodafone. They smile, laugh, blush and in fact they portray all emotions almost like a human being & for sure they are going to make you smile with their funny activities. These commercials are being broadcasted in between current IPL matches.


I have been always impressed with vodafone commercials. Earlier that pug Cheeka & now zoozoos. Would you believe it if I tell you that these are not animated images but actual people like us with specially designed white outfits. Thin long limbs & egg shaped head bigger than normal head size makes them look funny. To keep hands & legs thin, intentionally women & children have been casted. Size of head is almost 3 times that of a normal adult’s head which makes these characters look short & funny with that big belly. 🙂 Yes men can do animations not only behind the screen or in shadows but on screen as well.

Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker has directed these creative ads. Hats off to entire team of campaign Zoozoo 🙂 They have proved that sometime ads are more entertaining than those boring programs. I love you Zoozoo!!! 😉

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