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Why Sometimes???

I really don’t know why sometimes I feel lonely,sad & upset. Life has already given me enough of things & there is actually nothing I should crib for. Very understanding, loving & the most wonderful parents, couple of very close friends,Yes, including very close female friends as well, a good decent job with very impressive profile, a good healthy lifestyle; what a person can expect from life more than this? Still I wonder why sometimes I start feeling extremely low, very upset & that too all of sudden.

Sometimes I feel probably because I miss my Dad who has the biggest influence on my life, or my Mom the most respected person, with Never-Give-Up attitude, but on the other hand I think I make sure that I meet them after regular interval. So then again the same question pops-up in my mind “Why sometimes I feel so sad, lonely & upset???”

Definitely, I’m NOT depressed or fed of my life but in fact I’m very happy & contained with my life, but I’m always left clueless what goes wrong sometimes suddenly & unexpectedly? Is that something happens to me only or it happens with everyone? Surprisingly it lasts just for few minutes & after that I’m again jumping back 🙂 Then what makes me sad for that sometime. I know probably nobody can answer this question 🙁

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