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Here I’m sitting in the office – II

As the title suggests I’m literally sitting in the office late in the evening, its already 7.30. As I’ve just finished my client call, I’ve extra half an hour, so thought of posting this. Huh!!! So if you are regular follower of my blog then you must have noticed that I’ve never posted any article on the topic related to my office but today I feel it really deserves a post for my routine office day. And guess what? today I’ve got the reason. My company increased working hours by 1 hour so now onwards I’ll working for 9.5 hours officially. Wow!!! How nice it is!!! Atleast in recession time, something has increased… (Oh!!! Come on…Salary increments??? what’s that?) 🙄

Anyways that’s not our topic guys, or else some one will find out me & issue me a pink slip… 😉 So guys lets get back to actual topic. I’m going to tell you one usual hectic day @ my office. So as yesterday, due to change in office timings, I decided to get up early in the morning. This is my usual task…no no you are getting wrong, I don’t get up so early but atleast everyday I decide to do so 😎 But this time I wasn’t having any option, so I got up around 6:40 in the morning. Oh!!! I mean that was the very first attempt to shut up my alarm then after a long struggle of almost 15 minutes I got out of the bed. I had my tea, quickly went through the newspaper, nothing very special except some photos of really stupid politicians. (Definietly that’s not special for me atleast) So finally around 8:45 I left home; which was already late as compared to my new office timings.

Facing all those chaos in the traffic & pollution I reached office, everything seems to be normal in the office, I checked my mails (That’s the first task I do early in the morning by logging from home but today I thought why to check mails from home as I’m already going to office early… 8) Anyways so till 1’o clock it was all fine but all of sudden something went wrong with the systems. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you technical details or else I’ll be sued under the act of violating company policies… So this damn system took my more than 4 hours to settle down which forced me to skip my lunch so ultimately no breakfast, no lunch… 😡 see my dedication…almost 10 hours now…hah!!! I’m very particular baba. (Damn!!! this system!!!) Still see people are so loyal that they work so much just for the peanuts…hey Rahul don’t use such statements..Ya ya I know I know… I was just saying that I simply love this company…but slightly other way round… Arghhh!!! And you know whatttt??? Company has so many nice benefit plans for me so why shouldn’t I love this company, right?? But ultimately Monday to Friday you literally have no personal life. Anyways this quickly reminds me an incident which happened with my friend’s boss. I will tell you the story.

This person (My friend’s boss) was having product RELEASE scheduled for this month. Now I belive all you guys understand what I mean by RELEASE but if you don’t ; then please check out with your nearest software engineer friend, No no don’t even try googling it, it won’t work. So this guy was really working hard for his scheduled product RELEASE; sitting late in the nights & coming early in the morning. Finally RELEASE was successful at the end of the month, he got visibility & appreciation from the client. He was very happy, left early that day. When he reached home, his kid actually was staring at him surprisingly. 🙄 That 2 year old could not recollect who was that person? Obviously, all this time when this guy was working hard, he used to go home only when his small baby was sleeping, so how can you expect that he will recognize you? One step further, that baby refused to go to his Dad. Oh!!! That’s really very sad… 🙁

So guys don’t let this happen to you. I understand work is important, deifinitely I’ll say give your best shot but upto what level??? How do you define your productivity? Can you measure your productivity in terms of number of hours you have spent in front of the PC? Remember the old school days formula

Efficiency = Output/ Input

So always try to get maximum output with little or optimal input. see I said optimal input because I strongly believe that it is certainly not possible to achieve something significant in your life without hardwork but not at the cost of your personal life & family time. Fortunately, now in my case atleast I know what is the optimal value of the input, that’s 9.5 hours, ha ha ha!!!

Guys,think about it, don’t get messed up, always pick up sometime for yourself & your loved ones. To Be Continued…

P.S. I observed that extra hour resulted in, more number of people in the Library & cafetaria/canteen, especially in the lunch time

P.P.S. Also number of commuters in the 6’o clock bus increased drastically… 🙂

P.P.P.S. I noticed that since past 2 days, paper napkins are missing from washrooms… “Gone are the days!!!” 🙂

All thoughts mentioned in this post are hypothetical and any close resemblance to the real life is just a coincidence & purely un-intentional. (I know guys you got it.) 🙂

Feel free to comment… 🙂

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