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Is kasab really a minor???

I mean when everybody knows what he did last November, he put whole Mumbai on the toes almost for more than 5 days,he destroyed several innocent families & most importantly he, himself confessed that he has killed Mumbai’s top cops, still you are asking for more & more evidences? What even if he is minor? Look at what damage he has already done? In fact an adult can’t even dare to think about whatever crime kasab has committed. So what’s this minor claim is for?

Tell me one thing if suppose a 15-year old enters your house WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION & start annoying/disturbing/attacking you, will you ask & wait for any evidence? or you immediately shout at him?

I’m wondering why this case is taking so much of time when so many people have seen on TV footage what has happened. All those terrorists/anti-social elements who are following this Kasab’s trial case on TV must be saying “see even if you run around the roads of Mumbai & shoot innocent people for no reason, you won’t be punished immediately”

P.S. It seems now terrorist camps will encourage minors to enter this field & hire minors only. 🙄

Please Vote!

Guys, this is my just sincere request to all of you, please vote this year & make the change. Its only you who can make the difference which you were probably waiting since long. There is no point cribbing or regretting afterwards so please go vote.

Always keep one thing in mind, all politicians/leaders are suppose to work for better country & ultimately they are your servents so its only YOU who can recruit your servents and decide who is going to work for you.

So I repeat please please vote now & make the difference.

Why Sometimes???

I really don’t know why sometimes I feel lonely,sad & upset. Life has already given me enough of things & there is actually nothing I should crib for. Very understanding, loving & the most wonderful parents, couple of very close friends,Yes, including very close female friends as well, a good decent job with very impressive profile, a good healthy lifestyle; what a person can expect from life more than this? Still I wonder why sometimes I start feeling extremely low, very upset & that too all of sudden.

Sometimes I feel probably because I miss my Dad who has the biggest influence on my life, or my Mom the most respected person, with Never-Give-Up attitude, but on the other hand I think I make sure that I meet them after regular interval. So then again the same question pops-up in my mind “Why sometimes I feel so sad, lonely & upset???”

Definitely, I’m NOT depressed or fed of my life but in fact I’m very happy & contained with my life, but I’m always left clueless what goes wrong sometimes suddenly & unexpectedly? Is that something happens to me only or it happens with everyone? Surprisingly it lasts just for few minutes & after that I’m again jumping back 🙂 Then what makes me sad for that sometime. I know probably nobody can answer this question 🙁

Are you desperate???

Guys read this… One of my friend forwarded me & I thought I should share this one with you…. 🙂 I know its a lengthy article but read it, its really worth.

Even I’m not sure who is the original author but its very interesting…

What not to do when you are desperate about having a girl friend !!

My target readers

If you are a guy, age >=22 and still single….welcome to the club. Read this very seriously.

If you are a guy, not single then reading this is not worth your time.

If you are a girl there is nothing new here, I know most of you are omniscient.

On a random day, at a random place you come across a random girl and you get an instant feeling that she is the “one” for you. In the next few mins of talk, the inevitable question comes up “Are you on Orkut?”…Now that’s the beginning. You take her email ID, flick her chat ID from Orkut and start loading her inbox with messages, forwards, funny mails, quotes etc etc… You are always online for her and the moment you comes online the question pops up on her window, “Hey hi, wass up?” You always go to places where there is a chance of seeing her. You try to run in to her and pretend that it was accidental. You wear nice dresses and try to look good on the days when there is a high probability of meeting her. After that you take her phone number and start calling her every day. For the first few days she picks up the phone, then slowly she starts giving the busy tone and the next stage is total avoidance. But, you always believe that she is interested in you or at least you don’t want to accept the truth. For some of you the big day comes when you express your feelings to her and you don’t even have to wait for her reply, it is generally, “I did not see you in that way, can we be just friends?” 🙂 Some don’t even reach that stage, they hide their feelings, but in either case one thing is common, the girl’s name ends up being the password for the next few months. 🙂

As soon as they realize that they have reached the “age”, guys start trying to impress girls. Some try to show-off that they are smart and some have this weird belief that girls consider stupid guys as cute. Intelligence to innocence, being introvert to extrovert, being classy to messy, strong to weak …anything and everything, every guy has own strategy. I don’t know who came up with this quote “Everything is fair in love and war”, he (not she) must probably have been one of them. I don’t know why guys fail to understand that girls are smart enough to understand all these and why would not they? Even before they realize that they are “girls”, guys start hitting on them, one after the other, day and night, not allowing them even to breathe properly.

After reading till here some of you might be in dilemma whether you are really desperate or not. It’s very easy to come to a conclusion. Take a paper and answer the following questions in Yes or No

1. Whenever you see a girl walking on the road ahead of you, Do you increase your walking speed, walk past her and then turn back to see her face?
2. Do you become very conscious about what you are talking, when you are around with girls?
3. Do you try to be cool or someone else in order to impress girls?
4. Do you think staying clam or moody when in a group makes the girl think about you?
5. You ask a girl to join you for lunch or coffee; do you think a YES from other side is an indication that she is interested in you?
6. Do you keep staring at girls?
7. Are you ready to date a girl even if she is around with someone else as well?
8. Is “Girls” the main topic of all your discussions with your friends?

If you find even a single “YES” in the paper then YOU ARE DESPERATE. Be a man, accept it. 🙂

Now the real question “What not to do when you are desperate about having a girl friend?”

Did you actually believe that I would come up with some solution or tips? Had I known it, would I be still single? It was just a trick to make you guys read this one. But, I have one tip though, first and foremost STOP being desperate. I know that it is difficult. At least try not to show that you are desperate. The rule is simple, “No one in this world cares for a thing that is easily gettable” and FYI girls are never worried about finding a guy and why do they have to? Did you ever come across a girl who never had a BF or never been proposed by a guy? If yes, then that’s a miracle, you met a rare species or an extinct one in this world.

If you got the tip that you wanted and don’t want to read any further it’s fine. But, I would recommend reading further. Trust me, keep reading.

We know that we are the ones who make the girls realize that they are important, treat them as if they are precious, tell them that they are beautiful and show that they are in demand. We buy them gifts, spend all the money we have, do their work, roam around with them all the time, carry their stuff and in the end what do we get in return? a few thanks and an offer to be a good friend. Do we need all this? If 1/1000 th of the time wasted on a girl is spent on a guy you will find a friend for a lifetime. Just play some game together or watch a movie, give him a cigarette or buy him a drink and that is it. Realize that spending a night with your friends drinking till everyone pukes, having a hangover throughout the next day is more fun than spending the same night with your girl in a pub buying her drinks, talking crap, listening crap, making some crap moves….. What ever.

I know that at some point of time in your life you might have realized all this. But, there is a need to educate the rest and also pass on the message to the future generations. I dream of a day when guys are in demand and girls start worrying about finding a guy. I hope the day comes soon.

If you are still desperate, you need a second read.

P.S.: To the girls: If you think that some guy is crazy about you and trying hard to impress you, please tell him immediately if you are not interested.

“Great job Man!!! I’m still searching who actually wrote this article but I guess really worth reading, so guys did you understand where actually problem is 🙂 anyways I’m not saying stop all fun but in short have a nice time even if you are with your male/female friends, in either case… 🙂 No but I dont mean Dostana 😉 “

Here I’m sitting in the office – II

As the title suggests I’m literally sitting in the office late in the evening, its already 7.30. As I’ve just finished my client call, I’ve extra half an hour, so thought of posting this. Huh!!! So if you are regular follower of my blog then you must have noticed that I’ve never posted any article on the topic related to my office but today I feel it really deserves a post for my routine office day. And guess what? today I’ve got the reason. My company increased working hours by 1 hour so now onwards I’ll working for 9.5 hours officially. Wow!!! How nice it is!!! Atleast in recession time, something has increased… (Oh!!! Come on…Salary increments??? what’s that?) 🙄

Anyways that’s not our topic guys, or else some one will find out me & issue me a pink slip… 😉 So guys lets get back to actual topic. I’m going to tell you one usual hectic day @ my office. So as yesterday, due to change in office timings, I decided to get up early in the morning. This is my usual task…no no you are getting wrong, I don’t get up so early but atleast everyday I decide to do so 😎 But this time I wasn’t having any option, so I got up around 6:40 in the morning. Oh!!! I mean that was the very first attempt to shut up my alarm then after a long struggle of almost 15 minutes I got out of the bed. I had my tea, quickly went through the newspaper, nothing very special except some photos of really stupid politicians. (Definietly that’s not special for me atleast) So finally around 8:45 I left home; which was already late as compared to my new office timings.

Facing all those chaos in the traffic & pollution I reached office, everything seems to be normal in the office, I checked my mails (That’s the first task I do early in the morning by logging from home but today I thought why to check mails from home as I’m already going to office early… 8) Anyways so till 1’o clock it was all fine but all of sudden something went wrong with the systems. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you technical details or else I’ll be sued under the act of violating company policies… So this damn system took my more than 4 hours to settle down which forced me to skip my lunch so ultimately no breakfast, no lunch… 😡 see my dedication…almost 10 hours now…hah!!! I’m very particular baba. (Damn!!! this system!!!) Still see people are so loyal that they work so much just for the peanuts…hey Rahul don’t use such statements..Ya ya I know I know… I was just saying that I simply love this company…but slightly other way round… Arghhh!!! And you know whatttt??? Company has so many nice benefit plans for me so why shouldn’t I love this company, right?? But ultimately Monday to Friday you literally have no personal life. Anyways this quickly reminds me an incident which happened with my friend’s boss. I will tell you the story.

This person (My friend’s boss) was having product RELEASE scheduled for this month. Now I belive all you guys understand what I mean by RELEASE but if you don’t ; then please check out with your nearest software engineer friend, No no don’t even try googling it, it won’t work. So this guy was really working hard for his scheduled product RELEASE; sitting late in the nights & coming early in the morning. Finally RELEASE was successful at the end of the month, he got visibility & appreciation from the client. He was very happy, left early that day. When he reached home, his kid actually was staring at him surprisingly. 🙄 That 2 year old could not recollect who was that person? Obviously, all this time when this guy was working hard, he used to go home only when his small baby was sleeping, so how can you expect that he will recognize you? One step further, that baby refused to go to his Dad. Oh!!! That’s really very sad… 🙁

So guys don’t let this happen to you. I understand work is important, deifinitely I’ll say give your best shot but upto what level??? How do you define your productivity? Can you measure your productivity in terms of number of hours you have spent in front of the PC? Remember the old school days formula

Efficiency = Output/ Input

So always try to get maximum output with little or optimal input. see I said optimal input because I strongly believe that it is certainly not possible to achieve something significant in your life without hardwork but not at the cost of your personal life & family time. Fortunately, now in my case atleast I know what is the optimal value of the input, that’s 9.5 hours, ha ha ha!!!

Guys,think about it, don’t get messed up, always pick up sometime for yourself & your loved ones. To Be Continued…

P.S. I observed that extra hour resulted in, more number of people in the Library & cafetaria/canteen, especially in the lunch time

P.P.S. Also number of commuters in the 6’o clock bus increased drastically… 🙂

P.P.P.S. I noticed that since past 2 days, paper napkins are missing from washrooms… “Gone are the days!!!” 🙂

All thoughts mentioned in this post are hypothetical and any close resemblance to the real life is just a coincidence & purely un-intentional. (I know guys you got it.) 🙂

Feel free to comment… 🙂

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