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Few things about girls

Ok so guys here are certain things which I’ve noticed so far about girls. Probably you can apply these things to guys also but I found them more suitable on girls, may be because I don’t notice/watch guys in more or less in that sense 🙂

So coming back to the point. First let me clarify that I’m going to put only some aspects about girls which are concerned to their external appearances, external beauty & not about their nature/behaviour. Yes I believe internal beauty, nature, behaviour of a person are also significant properties but may be I’ll write that in my other article as I’ve been doing in my previous articles up to certain extent. So this article is totally about the girl’s external beauty & presentation. Also, in no ways I’ve any intention to target any specific girl. In fact, I’ve been personally respecting girls & I will. So girls you can also read this with open mind.

Ok so as long as I’ve understood girls, I can broadly classified them in 4 categories.

Good Looking Presentation
Smart Girls Yes Excellent
Average Girls Yes Bad
Ordinary Girls No At least, try to present nicely
Very Ordinary Girls No Bad


There are 4 types of girls viz. Smart, Average, Ordinary & very ordinary. Let’s take a look at all of them one by one.

Smart Girls: These are the girls who are definitely good looking & additionally they are aware of it & so they usually present themselves very nicely, in fact excellently. Here, I mean the way they dress, their body language, appearance in public places, their confidence levels. All in all everything up to the mark so for sure these girls rock but please do not misinterpret these girls with over smart girls, as these are very much down to earth. Probably you must be thinking that I’m talking about dream girl but seriously these type of girls do exist.

Average girls: Unfortunately, these girls aren’t aware of the fact that they are really good looking. These girls probably don’t know how much potential they have? Sometimes they dress badly or somehow they can’t put themselves decently, may be because they are just too casual or negligent about their appearance. But seriously believe me they just need a makeover & they will be wonderful.

Ordinary girls: Actually these girls are not so good looking but they continuously put so much efforts to present themselves decently & even sometime they are successful too. But sometime they turn out to be over smart.

Very Ordinary girls: I feel very sorry for these girls. These girls are unfortunately average looking and one step further they are just too casual to present themselves decently. Less confident ,always confused & not at all concerned about the presentation.

So guys & girls what do you think? Your comments always welcomed…

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