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“Hats off” to Sachin…


I don’t think I need to explain the title of the post to those who have seen today’s India vs. NZ match. It was totally his day. Those who follow one of the most famous punchline “Cricket is our religion & Sachin is our God”, yesterday was the festival… Boundaries were showering all around the ground. With this ton Sachin filled up the gap of missing century in NewZealand. One more feather added to his cap. 🙂 Hats off man!!! Hats off!!! In fact, he could have completed the double hundred if he could have stayed there till 50th over but due to the injury, he had to leave the field. That was very unfortunate. I personally wanted him to make this record of being the first one to do the miracle of double hundred in one day cricket. I know I’m expecting too much from him but honestly I’ve been one of the biggest fan of Sachin & so is the normal human tendency… 🙂 I hope he gets well soon from his abdomen injury & continues his glorious path….

P.S. Since I was out on this sunday, I missed the telecast of this match 🙁 but I caught the glimpse of what actually happened in highlights 🙂

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